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Apply for your eVisa to Oman in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Oman in 3 easy steps!


What is Oman evisa ?

Oman E visa is an electronic travel document which is completely applied online and offered for any foreign visitors who wish to visit Oman at any time that they wish.

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The requirements for Oman evisa

Eligibility- Before you apply for the Oman E-visa you must check if you qualify for it by contacting the embassy of using the iVisa visa checker. All you need to do is to select your nationality and then choose Oman as your country of visit. Passport- All people who wish to apply for the Oman e visa must have valid passports whose validity must be at least 6 months from the time they enter Oman. If you fail to comply with this then your application can be declined. In addition, when you apply for your visa online you will be prompted to scan your passport before you upload it, therefore the migration officers will know if you have a valid passport.

Photograph- When you apply you Oman evisa you are required to upload your digital photograph. Your photo must meet the measurements of passport photo, be in a white background and your face must be projected straight to the camera. You are also not supposed to wear any caps or glasses and the must be taken within the last 6 months. You must have a mean of payment and a valid email address. Your Oman e visa will be linked electronically to your passport that you will get a copy that will be sent to your email address.

Exceptional requirement

The Oman E visa is not many and you can meet them within the shorted time possible and be allowed to visit this beautiful country. Just ensure you have all the documents and you meet the requirements stated above before you start your application. For you to apply for the Oman e visa you must visit the official Oman online visa website. This website is self-explanatory therefore you can easily access the application form. Once you access it you’ve to fill it as per the requirements. Ensure you counter check all the information which you provide. You must also read the terms and agreements are written at the bottom of the application form before you pay and submit your application. For your e visa to be processed you must pay an application which will be indicated in the form. You have to wait for about 1 day for your visa to be processed.

Advantages of getting Oman evisa

Simple to use- The application website is user-friendly therefore any person can use it. You will also find it easy when it comes to filling the online application form as you can do while you are commuting, at your place of work or at your home. Security- security is one of the things that the immigration officers have given priority. The officers do the understand the nuisance of sending your passport to another stranger but with the Oman e visa, you will be assured of your security in every step that you take. They double check the information that you will online with the information at your passport. Assurance- it’s possible for you to check the status of your e-visa at any time that you wish. This way you be assured that your application is being processed. Timey- When your Oman visa has been processed, the visa processing agents will email it to you immediately. Therefore you can continue to enjoy your business or vacation trip without having the stress caused by visa delay.

24-hour customer support- In case you have any questions when it comes to applying for the Oman e visa there is customer support which is always ready to support you in all ways. All you have to do is to choose the means of communication which you think is the best for you, that is e-mail, chat or telephone.